Charitable School "Smart Future"

The first charity school for children's personal and IT development in Ukraine. We provide an opportunity for children from vulnerable strata of the population to get acquainted with network and cloud technologies, software development, as well as to take the first steps in the development of their career before most of their peers.

About the charity fund

The main goal of the Charitable Foundation "Charitable School "Smart Future"" is to provide an opportunity for quality education and personal development to children and adolescents from socially disadvantaged sections of the population:

  • orphans
  • children with disabilities
  • children from large families
  • children of war veterans
  • migrant children

We have focused our efforts on learning modern technologies, because IT is the most stable, profitable and promising of all industries.

What we do for this

We are looking for funds

We raise funds from benefactors, patrons and partners

We conduct training

We develop and implement modern educational programs

We organize processes

We find children, instructors, premises, develop training programs

We attract partners

We find organizations, companies, foundations that are engaged in charity

We prepare children for life

We conduct career guidance, testing, excursions, internships

We are looking for children

We attract organizations and funds, collect applications and register children

Let's help children together

We invite donors to support our projects and help children take their first steps in IT and get quality IT education, and possibly their first job.

Areas of study

Education at the Charitable School "Smart Future" is conducted for children from 8 to 17 years old in the following areas:

  • Robotics

    Creating models, programming robots
  • Programming
    We teach programming languages ​​Java, C#, Python
  • Website development

    Programs of various levels of complexity for WEB developers

  • 2D, 3D animation

    Computer graphics, design, creation of cartoons
  • English
    Learning English with advanced use of IT

Founder of the Charity School

  • Igor Oleksandrovych Zakalov

    Founder and President of the Foundation

    "I have been engaged in professional IT education all my life, because it is one of the most interesting and dynamic fields in the world. The projects I have created have trained tens of thousands of IT specialists who work successfully all over the world. That is why we created our Charity School in order to to provide an opportunity to get acquainted with modern technologies and start their IT career to those children who cannot do it on their own. Thanks to our programs, children will be able to get a quality IT education, learn an interesting profession and find their place in the world."

Our partners and patrons
They trust us and help us:

Happy children


    A charity school is necessary

    • Financial and material support for training
    • Internships and excursions for older students
    • Mentoring support and speakers
    Children are waiting for your support!

    contact for cooperation and assistance
    +38(050) 545-66-88
    03039, м. Київ, Україна
    вул. Голосіївська, буд. 17
    Благодійна школа «Розумне майбутнє» - неприбуткова організація
    Ідентифікаційний код юридичної особи: 40864970
    Для переказів у гривнях:
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