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"Smart future"

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Charity Fund «Charity school “Smart future”» is the first in Ukraine Charity School for children's personal and IT development. We empower children in vulnerable communities to learn about network and cloud technologies, software development, robot programming, and take the first steps in your career before most peers.

Curriculum of the Charity school “Smart future” is designed specifically for students of both junior and senior grades. The programs introduce children to modern technologies, to life in the modern information world and the variety of opportunities in it. All programs have a practical focus and are preparing for future work in the IT industry.

The main purpose of the Fund is to provide quality education and personal development to children and adolescents socially vulnerable groups:

For that reason, the Charity School “Smart Future” is raising funds from philanthropists, organizes the educational process, develops and implements training programs. We have focused our efforts on training in modern technology, because the IT industry is the most stable, most profitable and most promising of all industries.

Forms and methods of implementation of the program: classroom, laboratory work, training, excursions, masterclasses, motivational speeches, creative projects and tasks, discussions, brainstorming, games, homework, internships and so on.

We invite philanthropists to support our projects and help children
take the first steps in IT and gain high-quality IT education, and possibly the first job.

Founders of the Fund

Founder and President of the Fund


Zakalof Ihor Oleksandrovich

"I have been involved in professional IT education all my life because it is one of the most interesting and dynamic industries in the world. The projects I created have trained tens of thousands of IT professionals who work successfully all around the world. That is why we created our Charity School in order to give an opportunity to get acquainted with the modern technologies and start IT career for those kids who can't do it themselves. Thanks to our programs kids can get a quality IT education, master an interesting profession and find your place in the world."

Co-founder and partner of the Fund


Martinchuk Dmitro

"My father, who I am very proud of, was an orphan and studied in a boarding school and I, like my father, know very well how difficult to achieve harmony in life and purpose without support. In the boarding school you are taken care of trying to replace your parents, but after graduation you become on your own with life's difficulties. After boarding, he went to study in professional technical school of building construction, and after his graduation he worked hard for reinforced concrete factory. And at the age of 31, with the support of my mother, he was forced to go to a building construction institute and in the evenings, after hard work in the factory, going on lessong and at night drawing homework."

Activity results

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The Charity Fund was founded in September 2016. During this time more than 1000 children was training from different IT fields. Also, more than 400 children have learned IT English.

The training is held at the premises of the Fund, the training programs are provided by the partner of the Foundation - the IT School "Main School".

With the help of partners and donors of the Fund, training, excursions to IT companies, internships, IT camps were organized and conducted.

Success stories

Kompaniets Olexandr

Please accept my great gratitude for the fact that my son Alexander is able to develop and study at IT sphere. Thanks to you, he received great erudition in modern technology, it will help him both in mental development and in the choice of further profession.

Peresunko Bohdana

I have been studying at an IT school for the third year, and I want to thank the Fund "Smart Future" for this opportunity. I dreamed learn to program and my dream come true !!!!!! I plan to continue to learn and acquire new knowledge.

Cherkas Vladislav

The weekend IT school gave me the opportunity to learn about the main areas of IT, for which I am very grateful. While studying IT school, I realized what direction I wanted to go to I plan to develop further and after graduation I intend to enter universities in the direction of IT technologies.

Franko Yury

After successful completing my education at the weekend IT school, I decided on his future profession and put the aim to become successful IT specialist. To date, Yuri studies at a university with an IT specialization.




Phone number. +38(050) 356-16-66


03039, Holosiivska str. 17
c. Kyiv, Ukraine